Africa Friendship Association
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Helping with all kinds of support
  • develop social and cultural ties between the people of Turkey and Africa,
  • To further strengthen existing friendship relations,
  • To support the persons and organizations that are working in these aims,
  • Provide all kinds of support to students coming to study in Turkey,
  • To develop and implement joint projects with non-governmental organizations of the country where the pupils are brought,
  • To research, learn and introduce both domestic and foreign cultures.


Making the Means of Serving Happiness to Man

To establish friendship and brotherhood among people belonging to different cultures and to establish cooperation and solidarity among their members by operating in economic, social, scientific, educational, cultural and similar fields,

To take the steps to make the differences in the local characteristics of different cultures as their riches and to make their similarities act as tools which serve the common universal cult of peace and happiness of mankind.

To carry out activities related to education and bridge the duty to recognize, acquaintance and sharing common values in order to leave to the people of today and the people who are growing up with a better ,livable world and the legacy of a beautiful common human history.

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